Why outsourcing?
In a competitive environment, outsourcing is a strategy to find out skills that are not available, reduce costs, free up your internal resources, improve time-to-market and reduce risks.

Where are you located?
Fire Ant Apps is located in Costa Rica. This country has well educated work force, English is spoken widely and we are in the Central Standard Time Zone.

I have an awesome idea and I want to make it. How do I reach you?
Send us an email at info@fireantapps.com with your business idea and as soon as possible, we will back to you with our thoughts and comments. The more information you give us, more accurate our estimates will be.

When will I see the product you are developing for me?
We are an agile company, we usually work following agile principles and one of the key principles is to deliver working software continuously. After each iteration of work (2 – 3 weeks) you will be able to see an advance of your work and provide us feedback, request changes and be part of the production process.

If I launch my project with you, are you going to take some credit for it?
No and Yes. We won’t put the company’s name in your product. We won’t say that we made it for you. It is your product and you are free to handle it as your please, period.

But in the other hand, we are programmers by heart, and if you know any programmer, you will know that we are proud of our work, and we love to tell to the world:

Hey do you know this cool app? Well, We were part of it !

. In short, this means that we will love to put your name and your application into our portfolio, but only if that is OK for you.

I want the name of my company with my application in the apple store or android market. Can you do it?
Yes but you will need to provide us the access to your account and all the certificates. If you don’t have one do not worry, we can create one account for you, but we will charge the costs for do it.

I already have a website, why do I need a mobile one?
Because an easy to use site means more potential customers, we can display a special version of your site for mobile devices.

Can you create web sites?
Our main focus are mobile applications but we are open to help expanding your business